Audiences rave about William Hung’s inspiring, motivational speeches and educational presentations.

His experience as a rejected American Idol™ contestant whose failed audition went viral gave William a unique perspective that your group can relate to and apply in their own personal or professional lives.

William’s popular, core presentations include:

Your Magical Gift

In this presentation, William helps the audience recognize and embrace the gift each person has and embrace the impact they can make.

He helps them see that their gift really can be used to change the world.

Audience members see and understand that, their magical gift is not easy to find, nor easy to use. However; once discovered it opens doors they never knew existed.

William helps your company’s staff, organization’s members, or your school’s students to find and use their gift by:

  • Using the 3 keys to effective communication
  • Letting go of self-limiting beliefs
  • Embracing humor found in past failures and frustrations

3 Keys To Successful Outbound Marketing

You want to grow your business, find new clients, and build relationships without coming across as a pushy salesperson. But you’ve probably felt stuck trying to do that. The solution is to improve your email marketing.

Email marketing is still one of the top channels for selling directly to clients and it is one of the most effective ways to start your first conversation. This is ideal for people who need to build their business but who don’t want to use tactics that come across as salesy.

This presentation explains how to:

  • Create powerful subject lines to improve open rates
  • Structure the body of the message to improve reply rates
  • Design follow-up sequences to nurture the relationship, build trust, and inspire the prospect to buy

5 Steps To Building Trust

People in a variety of industry segments struggle to communicate the value they bring to customers. As products and services become more complicated and distance grows between staff – who are the organization’s brand ambassadors – it becomes harder to build trust with customers. But by applying a simple, 5-step process you can create genuine connection with customers and:

  • Overcome negativity
  • Save the sale
  • Maintain the customer relationship

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