With honesty and humor, William delivers presentations that help people improve their self-confidence and personal growth.

His background as a former American Idol™ contestant working in the entertainment industry brings a unique perspective for overcoming adversity.

William’s popular sessions include:

The Best Version of You

Have you ever wondered how you can maximize your potential? This message will help your attendees by:

  • Uncovering 3 keys to effective communication
  • Developing positive psychology
  • Finding the inner courage to trust their authentic self

From Obscurity to Prosperity

Are you looking to make your own unique impact in the world? How do you stand out from your peers? Ideal for people who want to overcome adversity in sales, your audience members will discover how to:

  • Break their mental barriers to success
  • Use outbound marketing to start first conversations for building relationships
  • Give away free content to people to generate more sales

Together We Can!

Have you ever wondered how to achieve more success in business and in life? How can you build high quality, long-lasting relationships with other people? This message will help your attendees by:

  • Discovering how giving to others can actually help you
  • Strategically give to the right people to build a coalition for your business or your cause
  • Leveraging your networks to improve your brand

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